Monday, May 4, 2009

Spark Notes from Barnes & Noble

At you will find a wealth of study resources. Spark Notes, which is a resource provided by Barnes & Noble booksellers, has resources for almost all of your school subjects. They have history, literature, math, biology and science, physics, and a lot more. Don't have time to go buy Cliff's Notes? Check out Spark Notes for that book your teacher just assigned. They give plot summaries, background information, themes and symbols, and more. They have a huge list of books. The history section is also great as they break down historical events into easily digestible bits and pieces. Spark Notes also has college and test prep information. Most sections are appropriate for high school or college students. Tired of studying and need a break? Check out Spark Life (tab on far right) for community fun with others in the same boat as you. There are also lots of fun quizzes, movie, music and TV information, and more.

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